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PURPOSE—1. To correlate Antichrist of 1 A. D. with Antichrist of today, 2 Thess. 2:1-10.

PURPOSE---2.  To show the real cause of Church falling away in the first century.

PURPOSE---3.  To set in name the responsible being for the falling away of, 2 Thess. 2:1-10.

PURPOSE---4.   To establish a date of the (second) coming of Christ, by Ancient Church fathers.

PURPOSE---5.   To establish the date of the death of Satan. Heb. 2:14.

PURPOSE---6.   To reveal Anti Christian spirit today, as the pattern shown from 1 John 2:18, 22.

PURPOSE---7.   To show the Resurrection and judgment, after the advent from ancient sources.                           

             PURPOSE OF ANTICHRIST—1 and 2.

            To correlate first century Antichrist with the Antichrist of today, we, must I think examine the real description of Antichrist? “Antichrist, any opponent or enemy of Christ; whether a person or a power; specifically, a great enthroned antagonist, as foretold in scripture, who as some have understood, is to precede the (second) coming of Christ”. Britannica World Language Dictionary, V- 1 P-62. But not only this, the Apostle Paul gives some qualifications for the Antichrist in (2 Thess. 2:1-10). Notice carefully.

(1) The man of lawlessness. (2) The son of destruction. (3) He opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, (4) So that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God. Take notice that whatever Satan done, Nero also accomplished. You argue O, that is not true; O, yes it is. I would that you read (Rev. 20:7-9) God is using both Satan and Nero to bring about the fulfillment of His prophecy; do you remember before Vespasian reached the City of Jerusalem, there came the hordes of Zealots who carefully conquered the temple, robbed the city, robbed the temple, and set up their own Priest in the temple; they sat upon the throne of God. They who? First Satan was carrying out the plans of God. Satan was using Nero, and the Zealots. If one sat upon the throne in the temple of God; they all three sat in the temple of God. Carefully notice these phrases---this man of sin; this son of destruction; this he; this himself. All refer to a powerful being like the Prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience, (Eph. 2:2). Put on the armor of god, that you may be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. (Eph. 6:11)

         This Antichrist of (2 Thess. 2:1-10), seems powerful enough to bring about the Apostasy of the church in the first century, he must have been a powerful chosen object to fulfill the prophecy of God, in regards to the advent of Christ. And notice again this falling away according to Scripture was to occur before the (second) coming of Christ would occur in that generation. This was to be the embodied Antichrist of the first century, not one 2000 plus years from the time of the writing. Also anyone that opposes Christ and the written Gospel (and the teaching there of) to be of the spirit of Antichrist that would extend throughout all generations, (Matt. 24:34; Luke 21:32).

         Since there are several ramifications instilled in the study of (2 Thess. 2:1-10), and cannot by just reason be removed through Scripture, or by personal belief, or opinions. Therefore, if we go back and look at this Scripture, we find that the falling away of the early Church must take place before the destruction of Jerusalem. (1) Daniel in his night vision saw in (chapter 7:19-25), The Eleventh horn who was Vespasian the field General of the Roman armies, (2) Nero the roman emperor called Vespasian down to Greece in (Feb. of 67 A. D). And gave into his hands the “mandate of power to suppress the Jewish rebellion in the land of Judah. Vespasian used the power of Nero, who was the Beast from the sea, the Devil. (3) Nero’s power as a ruler was first planned, by God in the beginning. (4) God used Satan to fulfill His plans regarding the destruction of Israel and Judah. (Rev. 20:7-9). (5) Some 600 years before this event occurred God gave the Prophet Daniel a night vision; in this vision Daniel saw that God had allotted Vespasian a “time, times, and a half time’ to finish God’s plan of destruction of Israel and Judah. (6) God was through using Vespasian as His instrument. Two months before the war was declared over Vespasian was called to Rome, and the Senate crowned him Emperor of Rome. Vespasian left his son Titus to complete the war with Israel, which was declared (September 10, 70 A. D). This will remain the extant historical account.    

         LET’S NOT SAY YET THAT VESPASIAN WAS THE ANTICHRIST. He was the instrument of Nero, Nero was the instrument of Satan; which was God’s plan. Now it will be profitable to research ancient history, which will deploy the character of Vespasian. Will Durant write’s from his research. “What a relief to meet a man of sense, ability, honor! Vespasian, busy directing the war against Judea, took his time in coming to occupy the dangerous eminence that his soldiers had won for him, and which the Senate hurriedly confirmed. When he arrived in Rome (October, 70), he set himself with inspiring energy to restore order to a society disturbed in every aspect of its life. Perceiving that he would have to repeat the labors of Augustus, he molded his behavior and policy upon those of that prince. He made his peace with the Senate and re-established constitutional government; he freed or recalled those who had been convicted of (lese-majeste) under Nero, Galba, Otho, and Vitellius; he recognized the army, limited the number and power of the Praetorian Guard, appointed competent generals to suppress revolts in the provinces, and was soon able to close the Temple of Janus as a sign and pledge of peace”.

         Will Durant Caesar and Christ, P-285, Simon and Schuster, New York.

         I have researched many documents, and have decided that even Josephus who was a Jew, and who wrote the history of the Roman war between Rome and Judea, at the request of Rome; had not a bad word for the General Vespasian. So, then Vespasian who was given government power to kill, burn, destroy, take captives, and destroy the once holy city was following God’s own plan; he does not fit the qualifying attributes to make him Christ’s enemy, or opposed, neither did he have enmity between him and Christ. He does not fit the attribute of the man of lawlessness, neither the son of destruction. Although he did destroy Judah, and Jerusalem, it was not his passion, rather the works of God.

         Therefore, (1) we must look for another candidate who will aspire to the attributes of the son of destruction (2 Thess. 2:3), (2) and then (2 Thess. 2:8), “the lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath oh His mouth” (3) (“and bring to an end by the appearance oh His coming”.)

         Tacitus states, ”It was not expected that he sovereign should lead a life of austerity and self denial”. Nor could religious belief encourage Nero to morality; a smattering of philosophy had liberated his intellect without maturing his judgment. He despised all cults, says (Suetonius) “and voided his bladder upon an image of the goddess whom he most respected”, (Cybele) his instincts inclined him to excessive eating, exotic desires, extravagant banquets where the flowers alone cost 4,000,000 sesterces, only misers, he said, counted what they spent. Suetonius states, Nero was not subtle enough to achieve this artistic epicureanism. He disguised himself and visited brothels, he roamed the streets and frequented taverns at night with the comrades of his mood, robbing shops, insulting women, practicing lewdness on boys, stripping those whom they encountered, striking, wounding, murdering”. A senator who defended himself vigorously against the disguised Emperor was soon afterwards forced to kill himself.        

Will Durant, Caesar and Christ, PP  276-279.Pub.Simon and Schuster, New York.

         If we may follow the ancient history of Tacitus, we find in 63 A.D that “Nero was now a god. After the death of Agrippina a consul-elect had proposed a temple to the defied Nero. When in 63, Poppaea bore him a daughter who died soon afterwards; the child was voted a divinity. When Tirdates came to receive the crown of Armenia he knelt and worshipped the Emperor as Mithras, (an unknown god). Will Durant, Caesar and Christ, P-280. Simon and Schuster, New York.


Nero proceeded with his usual artifice. He found a set of profigate and abandoned wretches who were induced to confess themselves guilty; and on the evidence of such men a number of Christians were convicted, not indeed on clear evidence having set the city on fire, but rather on account of their sullen hatred of the whole human race. They were put to death with exquisite cruelty, and to their suffering Nero added mockery and derision. Some were covered with skins of wild beast, and left to be devoured by dogs; others were nailed to crosses; numbers of them were burned alive; many, covered with inflammable matter, were set on fire to serve as human torches during the night…At length the brutality of these measures filled every breast with pity. Humanity relented in favor of the Christians.

Thousands upon thousands of Christians were fed to wild beast, or burned at the stake with wax, or flammable materials poured over them. Will Durant, Caesar and Christ, P 281, Simon and Schuster, New York.

         Nero upon returning from the Olympic games in Greece to Rome he found the Empire in utter turmoil the Senate had declared Nero a public enemy, and had ordered his arrest, and had decreed that he should be punished, after the ancient manner. As a new day dawned Nero heard the clatter of the Senate’s soldiers; they had tracked him down---he drove a dagger into his throat. Will Durant, Caesar and Christ, Simon and Schuster, New York.

         For better understanding of this Antichrist that is spoken of in (2 Thess 2:1-10), in regards to his attributes as the son of destruction, the man of lawlessness, who exalts himself above all so called god’s, and who takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as God, verse 4. If you will go back to paragraph 5 on page 2, you will find that Nero considered himself a god, to be worshipped above any other god. This is the god that gave his power, (from Satan) to General Vespasion in order that Vespasion might carry out his plans for the destruction of Judah and Jerusalem. God about 600 years before had decreed through Daniel the prophet that Vespasian’s time should be only for a “time, times, and a half time”. Three and one half years according to God’s table of time. Regarding this “time, times, and a half time, and this subject of (Daniel chapter 7, please see---Deut. 33:17; 1 Kings 22:11; Ezek. 34:21; Rev. 13:I-6, now compare this with Dan. 7:25, also see---Rev. 17:1-12; Rev. 12:1-12; Dan. 12:1-7).

            On (Daniel 7:21,22), C.A. Auberlen writes, “Though separated by details of interpretation, the saints of the most high… the saints possessed the Kingdom”, (The Kingdom of Christ Dan. 7:13-14, under the New Covenant, the new heaven and earth). “Nothing is more sure than that all saints of all ages will share in Christ’s ultimate triumph in His Kingdom. But this passage is affirming only a part of the truth. The perspective of the book, the meaning of the words, and the context here limits the application to Daniel’s people, Israel, clearly identified in Dan. 10:14. (Those who would not accept Christ on, and after Acts chapter two, were destined for destruction). The equivalent Hebrew expression is used By the people of the saints of the most High to whom dominion is to be given (Dan. 7:18-27), Daniel evidently could only understand the people of Israel, as distinguished from the heathren nations and kingdoms which were to rule up to then (Dan. 2:44). The prophet’s words refer to the re-establishment of the Kingdom to Israel, through the promised New Covenant. C.A. Auberlen. The prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation of St John. PP 216-217.

         Perhaps even here we are seeing signs, which will produce anger among the Jewish population, especially since they were the chosen of God. Daniel could understand only that people to whom God had chosen, perhaps when Daniel saw the vision where Christ were receiving the kingdom, and that Kingdom would be for Israel as well as the heathren nations. So if Daniel was troubled in his mind, then by asking the angel who was standing by to relate an exact interpretation of these matters shows that Daniel was concerned in regards to his people, (Dan. 10:14) seeing that Daniel was greatly concerned, how much more do you think the Jews in the first century were concerned, knowing that the heathren nations would be accepted under the Spiritual Covenant; they were not only concerned; they were extremely angered. Angered to the point that they would kill every Gentile who came into this New Plan of God. Such anger is seen as beginning with the Apostles, and then planning to enter the Gentile Churches for the sole purpose of destroying that Church and its people. This by now is called Antichrist, the enemy of Christ, the blasphemer’s. As soon as such was reported to Nero, he went to their support, as the enemy of Christ, as the son of destruction, the man of lawlessness, who ruled the known world from Rome. This same Nero is he who gave to Vespasian the mandate of the war, Vespasian entered into war (Feb. 10, 67. A.D. Nero killed himself in 68 A. D). (JEM).

         More than 50 of the best scholars professors, and ministers from the greater schools in this country contributed their time, effort, and knowledge to the production of the Wycliff Bible Commentary, from which the following quotations will come. “(Daniel 7:19). I would know the truth of the fourth beast. This beast is of special interest because it produces the little horn”, Antichrist, and is the final form of Gentile dominion, (see vv 23,25, cf comments on 2:40-43). And of the 10 horns, see (v 24). Ten kings shall arise in the final stage of the fourth beast (Roman) kingdom and shall reign contemporaneously (not successively; cf. Rev. 17:12, as further explanation). “Of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth. All interpreters—Jewish, Christian, unbelievers---agree that this is Antichrist, Rationalists.                  

         Verses (24-26), note herein twelve facts about Antichrist: (1) He will not create a tenfold confederacy; he will absorb one”. (He absorbed the confederacy from Nero V-24). (2) He will be just another king—another—horn V 8, and he will be mortal (Rev.13: 2, 2 Thess 2:9). It will be the Satanic power behind him that will make him significant. (3) He will be obscure at first—little (Dan.7:8). (4) His march to power will begin with his conquest of three kingdoms (v 8; cf. V 24). (5) Yet something about him will be special (diverse from the first (ten)  (24). See (Rev. 13:15, 2 Thess. 2:4). Many extra ordinary events will be connected with him (Rev. 13:16,17; 2 Thess 2:9-10). (6) He will be very intelligent—eyes of a man (Dan. 7:8. (7) He will be an orator of ability (v 8). (8) His appearance will be striking (v 20) (9) He will be a blasphemer (Dan. 7:25) cf. (Rev. 13:5,6). (10) He will seek to make his accession a new epoch. (His accession to Emperor, see Paragraph 1 on page 2). (11) He will seek to destroy Israel (v 25). (12) His time will be short (v 25) A time, times, and a half time. Three and one half years.

The Wycliff Bible Commentary, Edited by Charles Pfeiffer, and Everett F.Harrison. Southwestern Company, Nashville Tenn.

         “The Authors describes the principate of Nero as precisely this Satanic age. Satan and his followers, having revolted against God, are defeated by Michael’s angelic hosts (Dan. 12:1) are cast down upon earth, and there lead the pagan world in the attack upon Christianity. Nero is the Beast and Antichrist of the book, a Messiah from Satan as Jesus was from God”. Papias (135) Justin Martyr (135). Will Durant. Caesar and Christ. Simon and Schuster. P-593. Eusebius (3-25).

         From the foregoing evidence of Antichrist, we are able to make the following suggestions in regards to Antichrist during the last period of Satan. (1) Following the course of ancient Church fathers, and ancient writers, it is so far clear, that in the early Church from the first century through the third, although hindered from Jewish antagonist the doctrine of Christ’s advent was near at hand, (James 5:5-9). (Matt. 16:28, Luke 19:12-20) (2) Today, we have teacher’s preachers, and scholars, professors announcing the future return of Christ, even to the point of setting days of the advent. It is indeed difficult to set aside the words of Christ in (Matt. 16:28), “Truly I say unto you that some of you standing here shall not taste of death until you see the Son of man coming in His Kingdom”! Such Scripture is confusing to the unbeliever! He does not believe in Christ, therefore, he becomes an enemy of Christ. He has blasphemed the Word of Christ, (Matt. 12:31-32). The reason for this rejection is that the unbeliever has been taught that Satan is active and well today. When Satan is shown for who he is and what authority he retained, (Eph. 2:1-2; John 12:31; John 16:11). It is necessary to understand that Christ’s reign is without Satan and his interference, Therefore, during this period of the first century we see that it was in God’s plan to destroy Satan, (Dan. 7:26; 1 John 3:8; Heb. 2:14; Rom. 16:20). The last period of Satan was during the destruction of Israel, and Jerusalem. On the other hand I suggest that records show that the form of Antichrist and its attributes are greater in 2011 than in the first century.

         The transformation of the brilliant, ingenuous Nero of 54 into the cruel monster of 62-68. As early as A. D. 55 he had ordered the murder of his brother, and in A. D. 60 his mother had been assassinated at his command. The divorce and the subsequent murder of his first wife Octavia and the death of Poppoea his second wife. In the summer of 64 his fury was turned upon the Christians at Rome. The occasion was the burning of ten of the fourteen precincts of the city, which the Christians of Rome took the blame for what Nero had himself accomplished. Suetonius, Dion Cassius, and Pliny state categorically that Nero himself was the author of the conflagration. Tacitus informs us that Nero was suspected of the crime and that to advert from himself the suspicion he accused the Christians of committing it. Tacitus’s account of the persecution is as follows: First were arraigned those who confessed, then on their information a vast multitude were convicted, not so much on the charge of arson as for their hatred of the human race. Their deaths were made more cruel by the mockery that accompanied them. Some were covered with skins of wild beasts and torn to pieces by dogs; others perished on the cross or in the flames; and others again were burnt after sunset as torches to light up the darkness”. The Manuel of Church History, Albert Henry Newman, V-1. The American Baptist Publication Society, Philadelphia. PP-111-117.

         “The destruction of the city was very commonly looked upon by Christians (the remnant Micah 2:12-13. As a divine judgment on the Jewish people for their rejection and crucifixion of the Messiah. It may safely be said that if the Jews as a body, or a large proportion of them, had accepted Christ as their Saviour and become partakers of the Spirit of Christ, the Zealots, who brought ruin upon their people, would not have arisen or would not have secured popular support. The great catastrophe may be regarded as a direct fulfillment of our Lord’s predictions as recorded in (Matt. 21:43 and 23:37-39, and in Luke 21:20-28). This great event is regarded by many as a fulfillment of our Lord’s prophecies regarding His speedy coming in his Kingdom (Matt. 10:23; 16:28; 24:34; Luke 21:20-32; 24:44). And of other such passages in the apostolic Epistles and the Acts of the Apostles as represent the Lord’s advent as imminent”. A Manuel of Church History, By Albert Henry Newman, V-1. The American Baptist publication Society, Philadelphia, PP 118-119.                 

         Having gone through many of the doctrines set forth by the Baptist Society, and has been recorded here for your consideration. (1) Notice above pages 118-119, Do you know that these doctrines are not taught in the Churches of today? Do you wonder why? Have you been in Church lately and heard the teacher, or preacher declare that the Christ has not returned to planet earth with His Kingdom? Have you wondered why that not many people declare the fulfillment of Christ’s prophecies in 2011? Well here is your answer, even in the restoration movement of the 1600 A. D. according to their writings those great men believed in the first century fulfillment. But now the Antichrist of  (1 John 2:18, 22, and 4:3) has been given their audience to speak of changes in the Scriptures. (2) Mechanical music in worship! Compare this with (Amos 5:21-24; Isa. 5:11-13; Eph. 5:19). Notice carefully Isa. 5:11-13, and Amos deals with the old Covenant and its laws. Where (Eph. 5:19) is given under the law of the New Spiritual covenant. O but we do not believe any more that Baptism is essential to salvation…We do not believe it is wrong to entertain our people in Church service! Well, since I have mentioned the above, I will ask you the reader to make a simple test of your own a Scriptural test.

         (1) Go to 10 different Churches attend the adult class, during this class ask the following questions. What was the sole purpose reason for Christ’s first coming? You will get at least a dozen different reasons. Why a dozen? When Christ simply says that He came not to abolish the law, or the prophets; but to FULFILL, (Matt. 5:17). All that He taught, all that done was foretold by the prophets. (2) Ask the following question, at the next Church, or person you visit. When can we expect the “second” coming of Christ? Your answer will be, in the future we will see Him in the clouds of heaven! When He comes to destroy the world. Here is your Scriptural answer, (Matt. 24:29-34), “This generation”, the generation Christ lived in. (See also) (Luke 21:20-32; Matt. 16:28; Matt. 10:23) (3) Your third person, or Church, ask the following question. When will the world be destroyed your answer will be when Christ comes back! Your Scriptural answer will be (Heb. 9:26, Gen. 8:21-22; Eccl. 1:4; Ps. 78:69; Ps. 93:1; Ps. 104:5; Ps. 119:90. Dan. 2:44) (4) To the fourth person you visit, or Church, ask the following question, I understand that what the prophets spoke of in the Old Testament was called a Mystery until all was fulfilled, when will it be fulfilled. The answer you get will be. Prophecy is not all fulfilled; but will be when Christ comes back! Your Scriptural answer is, (Matt. 5:17; Eph. 1:1-9; Eph. 3:3; Eph. 5:32; Eph. 6:19; Col. 1:13-26; Rom. 11:25; Rom. 16:25; 1 Cor. 2:7; 4:1; 13:2). The Mystery of the prophets have now Scripturally been fulfilled. Dear reader, what is your belief in regards to these questions? Do you believe the Bible, God’s Word, or the word of man who do not know what the Scriptures teach; but teaches what he has been told by someone else? (5) Ask the following question. When will Satan be destroyed? Your answer will be, when Christ comes back. The Scriptural answer is (John 12:31; John 16:11; 1 John 3:8; Heb. 2:14; Rom. 16:20; Daniel 7:26), and if you read chapter 7 of Daniel you find that the time is during the reign of the little horn of (Dan. 7:8), the little horn, the 11th was Vespasian who waged the Roman and Jewish war, and destroyed Judah and Jerusalem in 70 A.D. So the Devil was annihilated and destroyed at the end of the war in 70 A. D. (See also Rev. 20:1-10)

         I see here another opportunity to compare the denominations of the first century, with those of 2011. (Gal. 1:6-10), what do we have here? People within the Church departing from the Christ given Gospel to another gospel, which is not another! But, there are some who are distorting the Gospel of Christ. When anyone distorts the Gospel of Christ; they become an unbeliever, an enemy of Christ, and an antagonist. This Scripture reminds you that Christ will accept nothing less than His Gospel without adding to, or taking away from. Just such was being done in the first century; this was called Antichrist, and Paul says—“ Let them be accursed”. Well now what does the 1200, or so denominations in the United States tell you? Are they of Christ? Or, are they “accursed? Are they wearing the name of Christ’s Bride, (Acts 4:11-12)? Is this Antichrist of 2011? If not why not? They deny the teaching of Christ, and teach another gospel, “which is not another”.

         But be reminded that the difference between the Antichrist of (2 Thess. 2:1-10), and the Antichrist of (1 John 2:18,22, and 4:3) are this. (2 Thess. 2:1-10) informs us that this is a singular person who leads this event in order that the prophecy of God be fulfilled. This thus far has been proven to be Nero the Emperor of Rome who persecuted the Christians until it brought about the Apostasy in the Church; thus fulfilling the prophecy given in (Dan. 7:8-26).

         The Antichrist of (1 John 2:18, 22, and 4:3). Indicates what Paul described in (Gal. 1:6-10). People falling away from the truth, and teaching opinions regarding the Gospel of Christ. People who added to the Gospel, or took away what they did not like, and started different divisions of the Church, called denominations. Again the Apostle Paul speaks of this matter (1 Cor. 11:18-19). In the Corinthian Church you see from (1 Cor. 1:10-13) that there were people causing divisions in the Lord’s Church by using different names for Baptism’s, for different names of Church affiliation. Paul used only the names, Church of God to those who have been sanctified in Jesus Christ. The Churches of Christ (Rom. 16:16), the Church of God (Acts 20:28)  (Acts 4:11-12). 

         To the above idea Barnabus the companion of the Apostle Paul writes. “It is therefore fitting that learning the just commands of the Lord, which we have before mentioned, we should walk in them. For he who does such things shall be glorified in the Kingdom of God. But he that chooses the other part shall be destroyed together with his works. For this cause there shall be both a resurrection, and retribution. For the day is at hand in which all things shall be destroyed together with the wicked one (Satan). The Lord is near, and His reward is with Him”. Epistle of Barnabus, Chapter (15:7-10) New Testament Apocrypha, The lost books of the Bible, Collins World. P- 165.

         Again in the first century just prior to the destruction of Jerusalem, Barnabus writes: “Wherefore it is necessary that searching diligently into those things which are near to come to pass, we should write to you what may serve to keep you whole. To which END let us flee from every evil work and hate the errors of the present time, which is to come. Let us not give ourselves the liberty of disputing with the wicked and sinners; lest we should chance in time to become like unto them. For the consummation of sin is come, as it is written in Daniel”. The Epistle of Barnabus, Chapter 3:1-6, Collins World. P 147. (See also on this subject) History of the Christian Church By Phillip Schaff, Pub. WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company. PP 394-397.

         “Be watchful for your life; let your lamps not be quenched and your loins ungirdled but be ye ready; for ye know not in what hour in which our Lord comes And ye shall gather yourselves together frequently, seeking what is fitting for your souls; for the whole time of your faith shall not profit you, if ye be not perfected at the last season. For in the last days the false prophets and corruption shall be turned into hate. For in the last days of the old world the false prophets and corrupters shall be multiplied, and the sheep of the shepherd shall be turned into wolves, and love shall be turned into hate. For as lawlessness increases, they shall hate one another and shall persecute and betray. And then the world Deceiver shall appear as a Son of God; and shall work signs and wonders, and the earth shall be delivered into his hands (Rev. 20:7-10); and he shall do unholy things, which have never been since the world began. Then all created mankind shall come to the fire of testing, and many shall be offended and perish; but they had endure in their faith shall be saved by the Curse Himself, the Chosen One of God, and then shall the signs of the truth appear; first a sign of a rift in the heaven, and then a sign of a voice of a trumpet, and thirdly a resurrection of the dead; yet not of all, but as it was said: The Lord shall come and all His saints with Him (1 Thess. 4:16). Then shall the world see the signs of the Lord coming upon the clouds of Heaven. The teaching of The Apostles. The Apostolic Fathers. P-129. By J.B. Lightfoot. Baker Book House. Grand Rapids, Michigan”.

“Therefore let us not be insensible to His goodness. For if He should imitate us according to our deeds, we are lost. For this cause, seeing that we are become His disciples, let us learn to live as seems good to Christianity. For who so ever is called by another name besides Christ is not of God. Epistle of S Ignatius to the Magnesians. P-71. The Apostolic Fathers. J. B. Lightfoot Baker Book House.

“The persecution continues under Domitian’s rule. A feud has broken out in the Church of Corinth. Presbyters appointed by the Apostles, or their immediate successors, had been unlawfully deposed. A spirit of insubordination was rife. The letter of Clement of Rome was written to rebuke these irregularities. Allusion is made in it to the persecution at Rome, as an apology for the delay in attending to the matter. Some information is thus given incidentally respecting the character of the persecution in the course of the letter. But more precise and definite facts are contained elsewhere respecting the earlier and more assault on the Christians in the latter years of the reign of Nero, where reference is made especially to the martyrdom’s of S Peter and S Paul”. The Epistle of Clement of Rome to Corinth, P 11. The Apostolic Fathers, J.B. Lightfoot. Baker Book House, Grand Rapids Michigan.

“Volkmar “He explains at the outset that the Jews are wrong in setting their hope on the material buildings. Yet here, if this interpretation be correct, he tells them to do this very thing. Moreover, lest there should be any mistake, he assures them that there is a temple, but this temple of the Lord, predicted by the prophets, as a spiritual temple; for it is either the Church of Christ, or the soul of the individual believer, wherein the Lord dwells”, (1 Cor. 3:16). The Epistle of Barnabas, P 135, The Apostolic Fathers, J. B. Lightfoot, Baker Book House, Grand Rapids Michigan

Having gone through the subjects enclosed in the Book “The early Christian Fathers By. Cyril C. Richardson, Macmillan publishing Co. Articles, Letters in Crisis. The Letter of Ignatius of Antioch. The Letter of Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna. And have decided that to use this would increase space, and be redundant. Therefore, I will relate the latter works of Athanasis the Bishop of the Church Of Christ hoping by the same teaching method I may save one person, or one Church. “Athanasius single hearted, and sometimes single-handed, had saved the Church from captivity by pagan intellectualism. Indeed he had done. By his tenacity and vision in preaching One God and Saviour Jesus Christ, he had preserved from dissolution the unity and integrity of the Christian faith”. Athanasius. The Early Christian Fathers by Henry Bettenson, Oxford University Press. London England. PP 24-27.  Thus I have faithfully finished (Purpose 1, and 2 of page 1) 

It’s quite apparent that we have shown the time in which Satan, and his power was destroyed, but just in case. Look again first at ancient history which recorded the acts of Satan, then follow the ancient Scripture which has been given, beginning with (Eph. 2:1-2) the prince of the air, the prince of this world; (John 12:31), “Now judgment is upon this world; NOW the ruler of this world shall be cast out”. Satan was the ruler of the world until Christ came down to dwell. (John 16:11) “Has been judged. (1 John 3:8), works destroyed. (Heb. 2:14), power destroyed. (Rev. 20:1-3), cast into the Abyss. (Rev. 20:7-10), cast in the lake of Fire. (Daniel 7:26), Annihilated and destroyed forever. Ref- (Rev. 20:10. A Summary JEM)


         Recognizing that I have already overlapped my Evidence in the first two purposes advertised on page one; but there remains sufficient evidence from ancient writers, as well as writers of the 18th and 19th century which relate reasons why the apostasy not only began in the early Church; but some of the reasons why it continued throughout those ages, and have come down to us today in the form of established denominations in which each has their separate church doctrines. Premillenaism. Secularism.

Humanism. The New Age Movement. Satanism. Futureism. Perhaps the attributes of Antichrist is greater in 2011 than centuries before. One reason is that there is more people. More Choice. More entertainment. More persuasion. Less Bible Education. Less study of all Scriptures. Failure of Church Leaders, who are not Apt to teach, unskilled. Unlearned. Not Qualified as Church Leaders. All these things played a great role in the early Church and its Apostasy. The same things hinder the Church today; but when only a partial Gospel is preached what can you expect?  

         In regards to those who were RESPONSIBLE for the Apostasy in the first century we MUST first recognize that throughout the prophets of the Old Testament, this event was foretold by the prophets. Recognize and UNDERSTAND that this event was in the PLANS OF GOD. It was not an event that caught the people off guard.

         (Zechariah 13:7-9) “Awake, O sword against My Shepherd, and against the man My Associate, Declares the Lord of hosts. Strike the Shepherd that the sheep may be scattered; And I will turn My Hand against the little ones. And it will come about in the land, Declares the Lord, That two parts in it will be cut off and perish; but the third will be left in it. And I will bring the third part through the fire, Refine them, as silver is refined, AND TEST THEM as gold is tested. They will call on My name. And I will answer them; I will say they are My People, and they will say, The Lord is My God”. The third part who was refined by the fire of God, was truly brought out of the defeated city of Jerusalem by our Lord, and escaped through the Mount of Olives as it was split in the middle; Micah (2:12-13.). (See also Zechariah 14:1-5), This splitting of the mountain that the Remnant might escape is no more of a miracle than was the parting of the waters of the red sea to allow the ancestors of this people to escape to safety, the sea was brought back to normal conditions, as was the Mount of Olives. (Exodus chapters 14-15)

         Note the Confession from King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. (Daniel 4:34-35) “For His dominion is an everlasting dominion, and His Kingdom endures from generation to generation. And all the inhabitants of the earth are accounted as nothing, But He does according to His will in the host of Heaven And among the inhabitants of earth, and no one can ward off His Hand, or say to Him, What Hast Thou Done?”

         Lest someone might say, (O but those things were meant for Jews only; Oh but they were not for Jews only). (2 Cor. 13:4-6), “For indeed He was crucified because of weakness, yet He lives because of the power of God. For we also are weak in Him, yet we shall live with Him because of the Power of God DIRECTED TOWARD YOU. TEST yourselves to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves! Or do you not recognize this about yourselves that Jesus Christ is in you—Unless indeed you fail the TEST? But I trust that you will realize that WE ourselves do not FAIL THE TEST”. Know for sure that God’s judgment did not fall only on the land of Israel, it was a universal judgment on the whole known world. (Dan. 7: 9-10) (Rev. 20: 10-15) Confirms the universal judgment.

         (The Approaching Doom) “The most unfortunate country in that period was Israel where an ancient and venerable nation brought upon itself unspeakable suffering and destruction. The tragedy of Jerusalem prefigures in miniature the final judgment, and in this light it is represented in the eschatological discourses of Christ, who foresaw the end from the beginning. The forbearance of God with His Covenant people, who had crucified their own Saviour, reached at last its limit. As many as could be saved in the usual way, were rescued. The mass of the people had obstinately set themselves against all improvement. To reconcile the Jews to the CHRISTIAN FAITH, had been stoned by his hardened brethren, for whom he daily interceded in the temple; and with him the Christian community in Jerusalem had lost its importance for that City. The hour of the great Tribulation and fearful JUDGMENT drew near. The prophecy of the Lord approached its literal FULFILLMENT: Jerusalem was razed to the ground, the temple burned, and not one stone left on another. History of the Christian Church, By Phillip Schaff,  WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company Grand Rapids Michigan. PP 392-393.

         The above documentation confirms the Scriptural presentation at the beginning of this lesson. The judgment upon Jerusalem was not limited to non-Christian people, it included Christians as well, whether Jew or Gentile. All the established Churches suffered during this period of Tribulation, and Judgment. Ancient History establishes the fact that Nero the Emperor of Rome was indeed the son of destruction, the man of lawlessness, of (2 Thess. 2:1-10). The Antichrist, the unbeliever, the opponent, the rejecter, the enemy of Christ.

         (The common Church Doctrine of the first century). The common Church doctrine is, first, there is to be a second personal, visible signs, and glorious advent of the Son of God. Secondly, that the events which are to precede that Advent, are, (1) The universal diffusion of the Gospel; or as our Lord expresses it, the ingathering of the Elect; this is the vocation of the Christian Church. (2) The conversion of the Jews, which is to be national. As their casting away was national, although some may remain obdurate. (3) The coming of Antichrist. Thirdly, that the events, which are to attend the Second Advent, are: (1) The Resurrection of the dead, of the just and unjust. (2) The General judgment. (3) The end of the Age. And (4) The consummation of Christ’s Kingdom. (Matt. 16:28) Systematic Theology By Charles Hodge, D.D. New York. Charles Scribner’s Sons 1917, P- 792. (The above is the introduction to complete lessons, which Hodge uses abundant Scripture to prove his introduction on pages 792-799, which is very much to write and quote.

          (2 Thess. 1:1-3), “That being conceded, they should know that great things must occur before that day could come. First, there was to be a great Apostasy. As the Church was then in infancy, and had just begun to make progress among the nations, such language naturally pre-supposes a much more extended propagation of the Gospel, than had yet taken place. The second event that was to precede the Second Advent was the coming of Antichrist, or in other words, the man of sin was to be revealed. The first question, to be determined in the interpretation of this prophecy, is, Whether Antichrist is a particular individual, or an institution, a power, or a corporation. (1) That the designations “man of sin” and son of perdition” have a religious import, and are more appropriate to an ecclesiastical than to a worldly power. (2) Antichrist was to have the seat of his power in the temple of God, was to be a god. (3) His coming is after the working of Satan, with all power and signs and lying wonders. This is not the way in which worldly potentates gain their power; they rely upon force, the beginning of the papacy”. Systematic Theology By Charles Hodge, D. D. New York. Charles Scribner’s Sons 1917; P 814.

         The difficult passages, (2 Thess. 2:1-12) must be explained in connection with the prophecies of Daniel (the fourth Beast), and the Roman Empire. Farrar on the man of sin (St Paul, V 2. 583-587) many of the modern exegetes adopt the patristic interpretation that the “restrainer “ is the Roman Empire, “The then reigning Emperor (Cladius), and “The man of sin” his successor, NERO. This I think is correct you will ask the question? Why do you think that? It is simple we cannot second-guess the plan of God. This time date, this period in History, Prophecy. (Dan. 7: 8) Why was Daniel so alarmed in regards to the fourth Beast, and the eleven horns? (Dan. 7:15) Why was Daniel distressed? Was it because of what he saw in the vision? Remember that Daniel wrote only a summary of the night vision, (Dan. 7:1). What did Daniel see, that he did not record? Rather than to take the word of one, or two people why not do your own study, (2 Tim. 2:15), “Study to show thyself approved of God”  (Rom. 12:2), prove what the will of God is”. Another important point is to understand that (1 John 2:18 and 22, as well as 4:3) was written well before the fall of Jerusalem, notice 1 John 2: 17-18, 28, the Scripture clearly shows that John believed in the near coming of Christ “When He appears”  “At His Coming”. In Rev. 1:1 “the things, which must shortly take place”. Rev. 1:3, “ Heed the things which are written for the time is near”. Daniel wrote his vision, and the word here Antichrist may actually be a generic term, as it seems to have been used by St John, not referring exclusively to any one individual person, or to any organization; but to any and every Antichrist. Quite different from (2 Thess. 2:1-10) where you have a designation of characters.

         I plead with you do not be fooled into believing that just any person who shows power, wicked, and destructive is the next Antichrist. Do not believe the very popular teaching of the New Age movement that when you see the Antichrist as present and active, you may know that Christ will come shortly. First, the New Age movement is Antichrist; they are the enemy of Christ. Why? Because they do not believe and practice the Word’s of Christ. Neither do they teach that only in Christ is there salvation. Rather, one church is as good as another. (Another important point is). The plain truth of  (1 John 2:18 and 22, and 4:3) is that John was written after his release from his prison on the Isle of Patmos, and even before the destruction of Jerusalem. Which confirms only one thing; that is that John wrote his letters to the existing Churches in Asia before the destruction of Jerusalem, knowing that after the war ended many of the Churches would be destroyed also; some by Nero himself before his death, and during the time that he, and his Pretorian guard went through Asia robbing and killing. Some Churches was destroyed by earthquakes in this part of Asia. Just after the destruction of Jerusalem. “ And to the angel of the Church in Smyrna: Write the first and the last, who was dead, and now has come to life, says this: I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich), and the blasphemy by those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. Do not fear for what you are about to suffer. Behold, the Devil is about to cast some of you in prison, that you may be tested, and you will have tribulation ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you a crown of Life”. (Rev. 2:8-10) “Do not fear for what you are about to suffer”

Every World language Book that I have consulted, including BRITANNICA WORLD LANGUAGE. Informs me that the “word” (ABOUT) means, an event, or time is near, at hand, right at the door of taking place. Now why can we not use the Biblical word (ABOUT) in the same sense? As usual I will get a reply that goes like this. With God He does not tell time so this phrase can be thousands of years, you cannot put a time limit on such things as (“ABOUT TO HAPPEN”) In such a statement one first Blasphemes the Holy Spirit in that they reject the Words of the Holy Spirit by denying the truth. Secondly it amounts to the spirit of Antichrist. Rev. 1:3 is speaking in terms of a catastrophic event, when John encourages his readers to “Heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near”. Again notice the word “HEED” this word carries with it a dire warning. Question: If the book of Revelation has not yet been fulfilled, of what benefit would the people 2000 plus years later receive from something John said was at hand then?

I am sorry; but your BOAT has already sailed out to sea!

         EARTHQUAKES in Asia Minor. (Isaiah 29:6) speaks of the days of 70 A. D. He speaks of Earthquakes during this period. (Matt. 24:3-7) During this same period Earthquakes. (Rev. 11:13) Earthquakes. “ASIA” where Paul and John labored. Its capital was Ephesus, most of the cities disappeared; but Smyrna remains a great city even now. THE LIVING BIBLE ENCYCLOPEDIA. Volume 2, page 180.

         “These earthquakes took place according to Tacitus (Ann., XIV. 27), in the seventh year of Nero’s reign”. According to Eusebius (Chron., O1.210, 4), in the tenth year reign of Nero. Lets play a little game, and see who comes out on top of the TRUTH. Suppose that only two of these Churches in Asia was destroyed, that would leave 5, since this date all others has been destroyed, this leaves only ONE! Look at Rev. 1: 11, “Write in a book what you see, and send it to the seven Churches: to Ephesus and to Smyrna and to Pergamum and to Thyatira and to Sardis and to Philadelphia and to Laodicea. Now if your belief is that the book of Revelation is yet to be fulfilled, that puts in an awful spot; either you must say that the Holy Spirit misguided John by 2000 years, or that you yourself has been misguided by others. You cannot have it both ways. Because if Revelation is not fulfilled, then the Seven Churches had not received their letter. Which will you choose?

         You have now read the above 3 paragraphs, so I want us to review “ANTICHRIST” again, especially since we cannot agree totally that the Bible; God’s Word has not been fulfilled; ALTHOUGH I firmly rely upon all the “MYSTERIES” of the prophets being fulfilled in the first century. Therefore, with the word “ANTICHRIST” I will let you observe other evidence and then see if you have the spirit of antichrist..

“Paul gives us, in 2 Thess. 2:1-12, a very full description of the working of antichrist under the name of the man of sin, the mystery of iniquity, the son of destruction who will oppose God and exalt himself above God and will actually sit in the temple of God and claim to be God. With Satanic powers he will perform signs and lying wonders, bringing great deception to men. 1 John 2:18, 22, 4:3. He says that teachers of erroneous views of the Gospel and the person of Christ is anti-Christian. Dear reader which are you?

THE LIVING BIBLE ENCYCLOPEDIA—Volume 1. Page 120. Let’s be perfectly clear, all but one of the ancient writers I have documented and quoted, firmly establishes the FULFILLMENT of Prophecy as something completed, finished; or else we would not have the New Testament. Is that Clear?

          To establish the date of Satan’s death, or casting off of the earth without power. First who was Satan? A chief angel cast out of Heaven in the beginning (Jude 6; 2 Peter 2:1-4). Satan was the Prince of the air (Eph. 2:1-2). (John 12:31),”NOW judgment is upon this world; now the ruler of this world shall be cast out”. (John 16:11), "And concerning judgment, because the ruler of this world has been judged”.

(1 John 3:8), “The one who practices sin is of the Devil; for this reason the Son of God appeared for this purpose, that He might destroy the works of the Devil”. (Heb. 2:14), Since then the children share in flesh and blood, He Himself likewise also partook of the same, that through death He might render powerless him who had the power of death, that is, the Devil”. (2 Timothy 1:10), “But now has been revealed by the appearing of our Saviour Christ Jesus, who abolished DEATH, and brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel”. (Romans 16:20), “And the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet”.

(Daniel 7: 26).”But the Court will sit for judgment, and his dominion will be taken away, annihilated and destroyed forever”…..  Now do you question my reasoning regarding Satan and who he would use in his power to destroy God’s people? First he would use Nero; Nero would give Vespasian his power from Satan to pursue the war and fulfill God’s plan. It was here that Satan was given his last stand. Notice Rev. 20: 1-3, then verse 4, then verse 7 where Satan is released to stir up the people of all nations against Judah and Jerusalem. Read this entire lesson again pick up on the activities of Nero from 62 A. D. till his death in 68, all Satanic. And it was here at Jerusalem where Satan made his last stand. Rev. 20: 10.

         (Daniel 7:19) “I would know the truth of the fourth Beast. The beast is very important because it produces the little horn (Vespasian) Antichrist the final and last form of Gentile dominion, (See Dan. 2:40-45). The last of Gentile dominion, but the dominion greatness and power was given to the Christ who came up to the ancient of days to receive His Kingdom. Henceforth, the Kingdom of Christ will have dominion over all nation, and peoples (cf Rev. 17:12ff).  All interpreters’ JEWISH AND Christian unbelievers agree that this is the Antichrist. Nero of the Roman war, Wycliff Bible Commentary P-790. Charles F. Pfeiffer. The Southern Company, Nashville, Tenn.

         Thus I conclude the second Lesson. Including Purpose 3, 4, and 5, and have tried to stay within reach of the purposed subjects to research.  I have researched the lessons. I have written. You read and study 2 Tim. 2:15.


         Durant writes in regards to the Apostle Paul and says. “Like the Christians of Paul’s age, he had lived on the hope of seeing Christ return. He had written to the Philippians: We are eagerly awaiting the coming of a Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ…The Lord is coming soon. And to the Corinthians the appointed time has grown very short. From now on, those who have wives should live as though they had none… . And those who buy anything as if they did not own it…. For the present condition of the world is passing away…. maranatha! Lord come quickly.” But in his second Epistle to the Thessalonians he reproved them for neglecting the affairs of the world in expectation of Christ’s early advent; the coming will be delayed until the Adversary—Satan—makes his appearance and proclaims himself to be a God”. The Martyr Christ and Caesar, P 591.By Will Durant. Simon and Schuster New York. (First Century). 

         “ In form Revelation resembles the books of Daniel and Enouch. Such prophetic-symbolic visions were a literary device frequently used by the Jews of the age; there were several other apocalypses (hidden things revealed), but this one surpassed all the rest in lurid eloquence. Starting from the common belief that the coming of the Kingdom of God would be preceded by the reign of Satan and the heyday of evil, the author describes by the principate of Nero as precisely this Satanac age. Satan and his followers, having revolted against God, are defeated by Michael’s angelic hosts, are cast down upon the earth, and there lead the pagan world in the attack upon Christianity. Nero is the Beast and Antichrist of the Book”.

3rd John. By Will Durant. Christ and Caesar. P P 592-593. Simon Schuster New York.

         NOW, let us show the Church at Corinth and what constituted Antichrist. S Clement of Rome to the church of Christ at Corinth. “A feud had broken out in the Church at Corinth, Presbyters appointed by the Apostles, or their immediate successors, had been unlawfully deposed. A spirit of insubordination was rife, the letter of Clement was written to rebuke these irregularities. Allusion is made in it to the persecution at Rome, as an apology for the delay in attending to the matter. Some information is thus given incidentally respecting the character of the persecution in the course of the letter, But more precise and definite facts are contained elsewhere respecting the earlier and more severe assault on Christians in the latter years of the reign of Nero, where reference is made especially to the martyrdom of S. Peter and

S. Paul. The Epistle of Clement the Elder at Rome, By J. B. Lightfoot. Baker Book house, P 11. (120 A.D)

         These letters shows: First, the only Church which existed in the first century was the Church of Christ which Jesus Christ purchased from the Father, Acts 20:28, the Papal church did not come into existence until late in the third century where we have information from Constantine the Emperor of Rome who died (332) A.D. Gradually before the reign of Constantine the Lord’s Church had grown to be a power in itself. However, the Empire had made use of this fact, knowing it could become a huge political block; they begin to favor the Church, and especially the Elders and Deacons. Giving great gifts in order to break the back of the Church. Soon the Empire was able through the cooperation of the Elders and Deacons to consolidate the Churches and bring several Churches under the leadership of one chosen group of Elders and Deacons, and then there came the Empires picking Chief Elders. Soon by great gifts of money, land and other goods, now was the beginning of a second period of Antichrist, only these would not fit the language of Antichrist found in (2 Thess. 2:1-10). This would seem to apply more to (1 John 2:18, 22, 4:3). Directly after the victory of Constantine in (313), he passed a law, which gave Tolerance for the Church. The imprisoned Christians were released from prison. Given land and assistance. Again the Churches were filled, and those who had fallen away because of fear returned. Constantine granted the Church one privilege after another; they soon received the privilege of exemption of Taxes. The Church obtained the right to inherit property. Soon the Church leaders would come to wear Roman names for their office. Such as Cardinal etc. Constantine himself preferred the company of Christian Bishops to that of Pagan priest. Constantine was Baptized shortly before his death into the Church Of Christ. Catholic Encyclopedia, V 4, 1908 ed. PP 297-301.     

          From the above documentation is clearly seen, that the Roman Empire fashioned the beginning of denominations from the Church of Christ, which was purchased by the BLOOD of Jesus Christ. The Roman Empire purchased the Roman Heresy by graft, corruption, unbelief, and power. Which shows a form of Antichrist. An opponent of Christ, an enemy of Christ. From the first century the evidence shows a gradual turning away from the Church of the First Born. To denominations of the world today, in fact some over 1200 exists in the United States. Each denomination teaches a different gospel. The teaching of different Gospels from that of Christ began to be seen clearly in (Gal. 1:6-10). So if by definition a Antichrist is one who rejects the teaching of God, or of Christ we can see such rejection in Heaven in the beginning when hosts of angels rejected God, and because of this sin were cast out of Heaven down to the pits of darkness to await judgment. (Jude 6, 2 Pet 2:4-6).

Ignatius, an early writer speaks to the point of accepting Jesus Christ only, and wearing His name only. “ For whosoever is called by another name besides this of Christ, is not of God. (Acts 4:11-12). Therefore, put away the vile leaven, which is waxed stale, and betake yourselves to the new leaven, which is Jesus Christ. Be ye salted in Him, that none among you grow putrid, seeing that by your Savour ye shall be proved. The Epistle of Ignatius To the Magnesians. Translated by J. B. Lightfoot. The Apostolic Fathers, Baker Book House, Grand Rapids Michigan. P 71.

By an unknown Author, “Wherefore, brethren, if we do the will of God our Father, we shall be of the first Church, which is Spiritual, which was created before the sun and moon; but if we do not the will of the Lord, we shall be of the Scripture that sayeth, My house was made a den of robbers. So therefore let us choose rather to be of the Church of Life, that we may be saved. And I do not suppose ye are ignorant that the living Church is the body of Christ; for the Scripture sayeth, God made man, male and female. The male is Christ and the female is the Church the Bride of Christ. And the books and the Apostles plainly declare that the Church exists not now for the first time, but hath been from the beginning; for she was Spiritual, as our Jesus also was Spiritual, but was manifested in the last days that He might save us”. The so-called Second Epistle of S. Clement written as a Homily. P 43. The Apostolic Fathers, By J. B. Lightfoot, Baker Book House, New York. (Written about (120 A.D.)        


         (Acts 24:14,15), “there is about to be a resurrection”. The English word “shall” in the Greek here is about to be. So lets follow prophecy first. (Hosea 6:1-3), resurrection on the third day, we shall live before Him. Christ raised on the third day. (Matt. 27:52-53), “And the tombs were opened; and many of bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep WERE RAISED”. (See also), (Matt. 22:30); (Luke 14:14); (Luke 20:27) “who say there are no resurrection”; (John 5:29), “Resurrection of life; Resurrection of Judgment”. (1 Cor. 15:13),” if there is no Resurrection, not even Christ have been Resurrected”. (1 Cor. 15:20-23) (Phil. 3:8-11), Since Paul depended upon the Holy Spirit to give him utterances to speak (Acts 2:4), do not second-guess Paul’s knowledge in regards to the Resurrection. God did not inform Paul of events which would take place thousands of years later. There would have been no profit for him, or the people.

(1 Pet. 1:3-5), V-3,  “saved because of the resurrection of Christ”. V-4, “To obtain an inheritance which is imperishable and undefiled and will not fade away, reserved in heaven. One must be resurrected before he enters heaven. V-5, Protected by the power of God, a salvation ready to be revealed? Revealed in the first century, or 2000 years later?

         One thing about the study of God’s events, it is extremely important to read and BELIEVE (2 Pet. 1:20-21),”But know this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture is a matter of one’s own interpretation, for no prophecy was ever given by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God”. ----- Not many men can say, “I have never tried to interpret God’s Scriptures. We can by no means make our own interpretation! God will not allow it. It was never meant to be so, since we cannot interpret the Scriptures why try to teach someone when you have not “Studied” the scriptures. You have no opinion as to what they mean. When you speak of your opinion you become an opponent to Christ, an unbeliever because you reject the Scriptures, which you are commanded to Believe. How can anyone be saved outside of a total belief in the Holy Scriptures, Believe this and live.

         “But He, that He, might abolish death, and make known the Resurrection from the dead, was content, as it was necessary, to appear in the flesh, that He might make good the promise before given to our fathers, and prepare Himself a new people, might demonstrate to them while He was upon the earth, that after the Resurrection He would judge the world”. (Ch. 4:10)  The Epistle of Barnabus, P 149. The lost books of the Bible, By Dr. Talmage. Collins World. (Barnabus was the co-worker with the Apostle Paul. Here we have death destroyed (Heb. 2:14). The Resurrection, and Judgment.

         “For the Lord departed in the midst of the shadow of death, where are the souls of His disciples, for whom the Lord performed this, will depart into an unseen region, set apart for them by God, and will dwell there until the Resurrection which they await”. Irenaeus. Adversus Haereses, V. xxxi.2. (See also 2 Cor.  5:1-10). Resurrection and Judgment.

         “ Nero’s demonic figure became interwoven in the eschatology of the time (cf Rev. 18.). Escaping from his murders, or, in another version, raised from the dead, he was to return as Antichrist to wage the last great war of annihilation against the followers of Christ, only to be crushed by the messiah appearing in judgment, (Dan. 7:26, Rev. 20:10). (Robert Pohlmann.) The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, P 117. V 8.

         600 years before Christ, God informs Daniel through the means of visions what would take place in the future, not extending beyond (70 A. D). Or, the fourth Beast, and eleven horns (Dan. 7:9 -10) the judgment scene, (V 10) the white throne judgment. Confirmed by (Rev. 20: 4), for the judgment of Israel, confirmed by (Matt. 19:28). The white throne judgment, (Rev. 20:7-15). Daniel kept looking until the Beast was slain and destroyed, and given to the burning fire, (Dan. 7:11). The same burning fire of (Rev. 20:10, and Dan. 7:26) (Dan. 7: 12), “the rest of the beast, their dominion was taken away, but an extension of time was granted; but for only an appointed time. In short, no other beast would have dominion over God’s people; but an extension of time was granted to the other persecuting beast, (Dan. 7:12). But Rome would be the last Empire, or kingdom, which would have rule over the Kingdom of Christ. (Dan. 7:34-35), the “Stone” The Kingdom of Christ, “it will crush and put an end to all these Kingdoms, and it will endure forever”. (Dan. 7: 21-22) “I kept looking, and that horn was waging war with the saints and overpowering them”. (22), “Until the Ancient of days came, and judgment was passed in favor of the saints of the Highest One, and the time arrived when the saints took possession of the Kingdom” Ref. (Matt. 16:28, Luke 19:11-27). The reader may not agree; but God would ask you this question, and somewhere, and sometime will have to answer it. In both places cited above, Jesus is coming with His Kingdom during the lifetime of the Apostles, or slaves. Here is the question you must answer. If Christ has not come back with His Kingdom; where is the Apostles that He promised would be alive when He came? How old would they be now? Are the slaves of (Luke 19:11-27) still alive? Do you believe this?

         Dear Reader, though you be a beginner in the learning process, or an Elder in the Lord’s Church, your SALVATION is conditional. (Mark 16:16), “ he that believes and is baptized shall be saved; But he that disbelieves shall be condemned! Believe what? (2 Tim. 3:16), “ALL Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in Righteousness”. Do you study in regards to the coming of Christ, the judgment, the resurrection, the fulfillment of prophecy, IF NOT; WHY NOT? 

These subjects are INSPIRED BY GOD, are they NOT? The Holy Spirit said they were profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training. If this is not a paramount study in the Lord’s Church today; then there is DISBELIEF in the leadership of the Church. The Church is CONDEMNED! (Mark 16:16). This is not an opinion; but the Word’s of the Holy Spirit.

         Elders, Deacons, and other ministers of the Lord should read—Dr. Hammond’s Power of the Keys, Ch 3. P. 413. As well as Renen Antichrist, 93. Such clearly explains the patterns and examples of the early Elders and Deacons; how they worked for a living, and yet served the Lord’s Church as leaders, teachers, and preachers; they learned how to teach the Scriptures by using 2 Tim. 2:15; and 2 Tim. 3:16. 

A Second approach to leadership is found within the lids of the—“MODEL CHURCH” By Grover Cleveland Brewer. Born 1884, died 1956. His works is published by GOSPEL ADVOCATE COMPANY

         The Church faced with the hostility of a powerful government, the Church felt the need of unity; it could not safely allow itself to be divided into a hundred feeble parts by every wind of intellect, by disloyal heretics, ecstatic prophets, or brilliant sons. Celsus himself had sarcastically observed that Christians were “Split up into ever so many factions, each individual desiring to have his own party. Irenaeus listed twenty varieties of Christianity about 187 A.D. Epiphanius about 384 A. D. Counted eighty. At every point foreign ideas were creeping into Christian belief. Leadership had sold out to Rome. Authority of Christian Churches, By Will Durant. Caesar and Christ, P 616. Simon and Schuster, New York,

         Documented Doctrines brought to this Country by the Restoration movement of the 16th century.

“Now, that the Kingdom of God ministered by Moses, had not ceased during the personal ministry of the Messiah on earth, is, we think, abundantly evident from the following facts and documents. First, Jesus was to have appeared, and did appear “in the end of the old world”, or last days of the first kingdom of God. In the conclusion of the age has He appeared, to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself"” The world to come" ”was one of the names of the Gospel age. He has not subjected "“he world to come" ”to angels, as He did the world past, says Paul to the Hebrews. He appeared, then, not in the beginning of the Gospel age, but in the end of the Jewish age’. “For yet in a little while He who is coming will come, and will not delay’ (Heb. 10:37). Christian System. Alexander and Thomas Campbell. 1810- 1878. P 140. Gospel Advocate Co. 1974.

         MY OBSERVATIONS: Gathered from the foregoing documents above. How unprepared is the world for such events as these. Leaders of the Churches do not study, and the Congregation follows that pattern. So you hear from the Pulpit “one lonely night in the future will the Lord come as a thief in the night, when heaven and earth will burn to ashes”! I ask how wide is this judgment to extend its inexorable jurisdiction? Now dear reader, just as sure is there is truth in the Prophecy of Daniel, which I have laid heavy upon. And based upon the doctrinal teaching we hear today, that the present generation is not to pass away until all these things be fulfilled; it makes one wonder what is inspired by God should this be the case! I Personally Aver that with the prophecy of Daniel coupled with Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians, first and second chapters. The very same event is pointed at, “When the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from Heaven with His mighty angels, in flaming fire, taking vengeance on them that know not God. Am I reading the Scripture in error when the American Standard Bible informs me that 2 Thess. 1: 6, “was to repay with affliction those who afflict you”, the Thessalonians were the ones being afflicted, and that in the first century A.D. But anyone can fail to see this if they do not study. Therefore, they teach what the audience pays them to teach. (No Morals at all). As well as what the leadership directs them to teach. Elders and Deacons are failing to follow the patterns of the first anointed ones. Why?

MY OBSERVATIONS: The general conflagration of the material world, with the heavens burning, is a black-eyed subject, and forms a part of almost all those things called sermons. Among the first impressions which I receive, is something about the dissolution of nature, the world on fire, melted rocks and mountains, “the war of the elements which is denied by God in (Genesis 8:20-22; Eccl. 1:4: Ps. 78:69; Ps. 93:1; Ps. 104:5; 119:90; Dan. 2:44-45; Dan. 7: 13-14). The error of teaching these matters, as elements, earth, sea, and air being destroyed by fire are error from the word go. Please answer me: how many times have you seen the Ocean on fire? Do you not use water to suppress fire? These things have made a false impression on the mind. Forming a part of our religion, held sacred; almost as dear as immortality—and to question these things almost amounts to heresy, thus every passage we find in the Bible, threatening fire or alarm, is turned over to the final judgment. If we trace these blunders back to this source, we will find them originating where most of our blunders do. Among uneducated teachers and leaders of highly populated Congregations.

MY OBSERVATIONS: Upon a close and impartial research, and examination of the Bible, I have settled down in the belief, that the doctrine of universal conflagration of the material world is not tenable from philosophy or Scripture. My motive is to show the misapplication of those metaphors by our teachers, that they have mistaken all the metaphors in the Bible, and most of its commands and precepts. I would to God that mankind could understand that no doctrine can be true when fairly at opposite with the laws of nature. Upon the constituted laws of nature, the world can never be destroyed by fire.

         For many years now, we have heard the cry from false preachers, false teachers, and false prophets; and now you are hearing the alarm go off once again. “And ye shall hear of wars, and rumors of wars. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be famines, and pestilence, and earthquakes in divers places. And you shall be hated of all nations for my sake. Ask these who teach such to Scripturally prove their belief without taking certain, and special passages to them out of context!  (Rom. 12:2). 

MY OBSERVATIONS: At this very time are not all these forerunners visible? What name is more persecuted, looked at with more suspicion, than the name Christian? To say nothing about the odium cast upon it by unbelievers, and many who attend Church!  (Antichrist), by nations of the world, the man who wears this name, and only this, is treated with less brotherly love, less forbearance, sooner suspected for unsoundness in the faith, than for any other name or appellative distinction or badge known or heard of in Christendom, and despised and rejected by those who profess the religion of Christ! What time when the rumor of war was ever so universal! Tottering on its foundations, or assuming a posture of defense against invasion. Scarcely a government but is giving indications of internal convulsions. Who can view these things without dreading what tomorrow may bring to pass. Woe to Europe, a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation. Woe to the nations of the East the seat of Antichrist see (1 John 2:18; 22; 4:3)

CONCLUSIONS: # 1. (2 Thess. 2: 1-12) Don’t be shaken in mind.” As the day of Christ is at hand, That day will not come until the falling away comes first. And that man of sin is revealed. Whom the Lord will destroy with the breath of His mouth”. These passages present some important considerations. The falling away, The man of sin and The son of destruction. These are evidently antecedent to the following items, Antichrist, Judgment, Resurrection; Christ coming with His Kingdom. -- To this end also we pray for you always that our God may count you worthy to reexamine His eternal word, that together we might come face to face with “Eternity” and there be given just enough time to readjust our beliefs, and hear the Father say “well done thy good and faithful servant”. There is only one time to re-adjust our belief in FULFILLED PROPHECY, and that is now. If not now, how can we believe the New Testament? After knowing that it is the fulfillment of the Old, if this were not so, then we would not have the N. T. 

         CONCLUSION: # 2. We have researched, and written in regards to Antichrist spoken of in (2 Thess. 2:1-12, as well as 1 John 2:18, 22, 4:3). Hopefully we have settled on the Antichrist of the first century; and as John describes Antichrist in such way as to brand anyone who does not believe in Christ, and His teaching as Antichrist. Therefore, the world has a huge crisis, when it comes to people being opposed to the teaching of Christ and His Church. In Brief the Holy Bible. The conquering Islam fought many wars beginning before 797 A.D. to protect their belief; their life style, their laws by those who have opposed the Islam faith. For five centuries from 700 to 1200 A.D. Islam led the world in power, order and extent government, in refinement of manners, in standard of living, in humane legislation, and religious toleration, science, medicine, philosophy, and In architecture. The influence of Christendom on Islam was almost limited to religion and war!  Behind this borrowing smoldered an undying hate. Therefore, his deepest hatred greets those who challenge his substance or his creed. For three centuries Christianity saw Islam advance, and saw it capture and absorb one Christian land and people after another.

 Will Durant the age of Faith, PP 341-343, and 468. Simon and Schuster.

Today it is depressing to read the ancient history of this people. You also can look at Genesis chapters 16, 17, 21, and you see where this people originated they were from the first son of Abraham, whose name was Ishmael. Abraham’s son who was born by the maid of Sarah. God informed Abraham to dispose of this son, and He would make of him a great nation. Strange as it may seem, today March 31, 2011, there was an hour program on Fox News regarding the nation of Islam, and on that program was a defector from the Islam society, his face was distorted, as well as his voice; but his message was that the Islam society was against America because America was the Antichrist. And the program went on, and on.

The more I have studied this lesson, the more I wish to say that I have presented both sides of this issue, and all this research I have found only one writer who taught future fulfillment. I think he was mistaken just as he was when he taught that Christ was above 50 years of age when he died. That writer was Irenaeus. History of the Apostolic Church. P 101—PP 400. Phillip Schaff. WM. B. EERDMANS PUB, CO.

I must with the last comments say that I agree with the assessment made by Phillip Schaff in regards to the most graphic description of this world wide TRIBULATION in the conquest of Israel.

“Christ pointed out in His eschatological discourses to the destruction of Jerusalem and the preceding tribulation as the great crisis in the history of the theocracy and the type of the judgment of the World. And there never was a more alarming state of society. The horrors of the French Revolution were confined to one country, but the tribulation of the six years preceding the destruction of Jerusalem extended over the whole Roman Empire and embraced wars and rebellions, frequent and unusual conflagrations, earthquakes and famines and plagues, and all sorts of public calamities and miseries untold. It seemed indeed, that the World, shaken to its very center, was coming to a close, and every Christian must have felt that the prophecies of Christ were being FULFILLED before his eyes. Phillip Schaff. History of the Christian Church. P 836. WM. B. EERDMANS PUB. CO. (See Also) Renan, L Antechrist, Ch. Xiv, PP-320-339.---This informs me that there is nothing left to be fulfilled.

May Jesus Christ, and God have the glory for any good that may come out of this lesson. To Them I give my thanks for knowledge of their Word. May God bless each reader in Christian Love. 

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