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I am Jessie Mills, Ph.D.
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This foreword goes beyond the normal guidelines for a prescribed foreword at the beginning of the document.  This foreword is used to call for HELP.  Help for children of the world.  The title should not be taken lightly, rather lay it to the heart.

For sure to please God, parents need children.  After all, that is God's plan.  But children need parents who will raise them up in the nourishment of the Lord.  Parents who even from birth begin to teach them the moral codes of God when the family gathers around the table for food, and gives thanks to God for family and food.  Young children understand far more than we give them credit for.

Carry them to the assembly of the Lord; don't send them by someone else.  Train them up to know and accept responsibility.  Allow them to be a part of the family.  Turn off the TV and computer, share some Prime Time with your children; they are more important.  Make these agreements before marriage.  And then keep your word.  Allow children to share in household chores.  Assign small projects to accomplish.  Help them, let them know that you are not only a parent, but also a friend, a pal, and act like one.  A child who has confidence in the parent will discuss their problems with the parent.

Plan activities together, give the child a chance to express what they would like to do, or where to go.  Allow the child a chance to get involved in family decisions.  Children are not dumb, they love to be a part of what's happening.  Consider their wants and needs; needs come first.

Never tell a child they are stupid or dumb.  A child is to some degree like a monkey!  “Monkey see, Monkey do.”  Because of that, don't fuss and scream at each other in the presence of your children.  Anger is catching.  Anger shows the presence of deep-seated problems.

The result is divorce, broken homes, children who are allowed to stay out till all hours of the night while the parents are working or at some party.  The child soon recognizes that he is not loved, so the course taken by the child is not always good.  See to it that you know what your child is watching on TV and computer.  Let the child know he is being monitored, but that it's because of love.  Teach the child how to live a wholesome and Godly life.  Be involved with them in their activities.  So what, cancel some of your parties, your child is more important.  Following the instructions of this document will produce a more responsible child and adult, and in turn that person will teach their children what they had been taught.  This kind of solution is not found in my office of psychology, neither is it found in the office of Psychiatry.  Rather it is found in the person of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, within the book called the Bible.

The opposite of the plan results in a world of run away children out of control, knee deep in drugs, hatred, disrespect for life and who ends up on the streets of sin, and prisons of the world.  Then you hear parents say, “Why me Lord?”  Yes, it was me after all who did not teach my child the better side of life.

Qualifications for writing such a document:

54 years with the same wife, 4 children, a host of grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Over 50 years in ministry with the Church of Christ.

A.A. Degree General Education

B.A. Degree Bible Authority; Minor Psychology

B.S. Degree Religious Education; Minor Psychology

G.S.R.E. Degree Religious Education; Minor Psychology

D.M. or PhD Religious Education; Minor Psychology

All Accredited Degrees


Jessie Mills

1729 Hwy 79N

Bonifay FL



During the past few years, many changes have occurred among many Christians, and Churches, some for good, and to say the least, some for the worse. I believe that there is a dire need to teach our young people about marriage preparation, marriage and the home, marriage and the church, and the importance of marriage in the Church. In my years of work with the Church in the Caribbean Islands, I have been asked many questions regarding this subject. Therefore, it is in answer to these requests that I have prepared this work to be taught in ladies Bible classes, in hope that this work may benefit someone. After having been exposed to this work, the parents then, should be able to have some insight into what might be best for their own children, and hopefully make a better family life for all concerned. Into your hands, the Teacher, I commit this work. 

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