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                                    THE POSTPONEMENT THEORY


True this concocted theory by the dispensationalist is devoid of true scriptural basis.  It is pure fiction and scripturally objectionable to a true person born again of water and the spirit, John 3:5. The scripture plainly teaches that Christ came to earth to bring the remedy and resolve the sin problem and save the elect, John 1:29. Matt. 20:28.  It was planned in the scheme of redemption well before the foundation of earth, 1 Cor. 2:7,8.  God chose us before the foundation of the earth to be holy and acceptable in His world, Eph. 1:4.


Jesus came to die on the cross so that He might be the foundation of the New Testament Church, the spiritual kingdom of God, 1 Pet. 1:20-23.  For sure if man could not stay God’s hand in the last hurricane, “Katrina”, I think it is very foolish to think that even all the people of the first century could cause God to postpone the kingdom of heaven from arriving at His appointed time in the first century!


I can remember when in the third grade of school spelling and math was priority, we had to use dictionaries to learn the meaning of words.  So some years ago when I came across the word “never”, I have not forgotten the meaning in Isaiah 25:1,2.  Verse 2 when Isaiah speaks of Jerusalem and the temple being destroyed, he said, “It will “‘never’” be rebuilt”.


Now we have people who are educated above their intelligence try to convince me that people in the first century had such influence on God that they caused Him to change His mind about the kingdom that He postponed its delivery and sent the church instead.


This brings to me a very important thought.  My thought follows: one teacher of this unscriptural theology was C. I. Scofield, he added his own footnotes to the King James Bible and called it the “Scofield Bible”, and indeed made great strides toward the current popularization of his views.


Therefore Mr. Scofield taught that the rejection of Christ by the Jews came as a complete surprise to God, and God was forced to abandon the spiritual kingdom and send the church instead.  Think my friend if this is true then God is no longer the sovereign God!


God is not really omnipotent nor omnipresent, which in turn is to say, man forced the establishment of His spiritual kingdom into postponement.  Then what are we to think regarding God’s plan for the years to come, are we really and actually at the mercy of sinful man who is in control?  Really what kind of irrational idea is this? 


John the Baptist proclaimed that the kingdom was at hand, Matt. 3:2-4, 10:7, Luke 21:30.  Christ proclaimed that the kingdom was at hand, Matt. 4:17, Mark 1:14, 15.  Christ sent his disciples forth to preach the same message.  Lets be honest and bold and seriously ask ourselves this question.  Was He lying when He said, “the kingdom of God does not come visibly, because the kingdom of god is within you?”   He spoke the truth: the kingdom of god is now among you in your midst, Luke 17:20,21.  Again He promised that His chosen ones would actually see this kingdom come into power, Mark 9:1 and some did.  “Verily I say to you some of you will not taste of death until you see me coming in my kingdom, Matt. 16:28.


There were all the apostles present on Pentecost when the heavenly anointing fell on the kingdom in a visible way at Pentecost.  The Holy Spirit used the apostles to do the work that Christ before His death foretold that the Holy Spirit would accomplish when He came, John 14:16,17.  God would give them another helper, John 14:26.  He will bring to your remembrance of all that I said to you, John 16:13.  He will disclose to you what is to come.


Acts 2:4, the Holy Spirit gave them utterances, in brief the Holy Spirit spoke through their mouth.  Only the Holy Spirit on that day had full knowledge of what should be done.  Notice what the Holy Spirit did on that day through the apostles.  Acts 15:16, the Holy Spirit introduced fulfilled prophecy and confirmed it.  The Holy Spirit accomplished what Christ said He would do when He came, Acts 2:17-21.  He foretold the events, which would occur before the coming of the Lord at the end of Judah in 70 AD.  He also expounded on the prophecy of Jacob, Gen. 49:10.  Judah would remain until Shiloh (Christ) comes Shiloh came in 70 AD. According to the account of all history the covenant with Judah had expired, Heb. 8:13 now Judah was out of the way.  Their covenant having expired Christ could ratify the new covenant.  At this time 2 Cor. 5:17 could become reality rather than by promise Acts 2:39.


Acts 2:37 the Holy Spirit made it clear that God does not choose or predestine certain men to be saved, those who responded to the truth; they knew it was the truth and they cried out after being convinced “what shall we do”?  At this point they had chosen God first.  Second God accepted them for again the Holy Spirit was fulfilling His requirements given by Christ.  John 16:13, “He will not speak on His own initiative but what ever He hears He will speak.  So He heard God and He informed the people through Peter, “Repent and let each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”.


Be sure you notice that the Holy Spirit bound on the assembly (the kingdom) baptism for the forgiveness of sins.  There is no room for anyone to argue or teach that baptism is not essential to salvation.  No one can come into the kingdom without baptism for the forgiveness of sins, John 10:1,2, Matt. 22:11-13.  In addition to this you remember Jesus giving the keys to the kingdom in Matt. 16:19, whatever he bound on earth would be bound in heaven; and whatever he loosed on earth would be loosed in heaven.


Though I might be ignorant I possess enough intelligence to know even at this point that God did not postpone the kingdom.  The Holy Spirit established the kingdom, the assembly, which constituted the kingdom on Pentecost.  Now if the theory of postponement is true then why did God not postpone Pentecost before the Holy Spirit established the kingdom?  It does not even make common sense.


From that day of Pentecost on Christ’s flock was empowered to teach and preach the gospel so as to evangelize the whole world.  To the Colossian Christian’s Paul affirmed that god had already translated us into the kingdom of His dear son, Col 1:13.  It defies all reason, scripture and the truth to say that God’s plan was a failure and the kingdom is not here yet.  I personally challenge those who believe this to find and present to the world just one of the apostles who are now living as Christ so promised in Mark 9:1, Matt. 16:28.


 Any person who enters this kingdom this holy nation, becomes a new born child of God as living stones, 1 Pet 2:2-10, when one is born again by the power from above he is born of water and the spirit, John 3:1-5.  There is no other kingdom to be established.  The promise to Abraham and the fact that the gospel was preached to him, Gal. 3:8, proves beyond doubt that God “never” with all His sovereignty could not destroy His plans He formed before the earth was made.


Eph. 2:22,23, Col. 1:18, teaches that the assembly the spiritual kingdom of God is the body of Christ.  Eph. 4:4,5 one body, one faith, one baptism, one Lord.  It is the temple of God, 1 Cor. 3:16. Paul said to the Assembly at Corinth, “Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you”.  There is one thing that all Christians should ask themselves do we believe what is written in regards to Christ being the head of the body the Assembly? 


If dispensationalism is true the apostles knew nothing about the things these people teach as a truth, to go further Christ knew nothing about these things, neither did the Holy Spirit after He came.  For example Acts 2:4-47 Himself through the apostles established the Assembly, Kingdom Acts 2:38-41.  He established the Kingdom without knowing that god would postpone it!  What kind of God would this be?  If this is true could you trust Him now?


If we are to believe this popular and wide spread theory, then we have to acknowledge that Christ failed, and it meant nothing when He said to the Father, “It is finished”.


It is sad to even think that the sovereign God would allow His plan to be interrupted by man, but it is obvious that when you undress the dispensationalist and strip away their charts their bizarre apocalyptic predictions they have nothing left.  But if it were true then we have a God who is not sovereign neither is He omnipotent or omnipresent, so that leaves us with an inadequate and confused God and Christ and Holy Spirit.


One school of dispensationalism teaches that Christ failed because God did not anoint Christ while He was on earth Matt. 3:13-17, Christ being baptized the Holy Spirit coming upon Him and God saying, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased”.



If this theory is true God is giving His approval for Christ and the apostles to deceive the people!  What?  Well God said He was well pleased. The catch is that this theory is false to the core.  Nothing that our sovereign God had planned in the beginning even before the foundation of earth was left out of His plan, the spiritual kingdom was planned, Matt. 25:34.


Since it is impossible for God to lie Heb. 6:18, then for Him to change His plans and deceive His Son, the Holy Spirit and the apostles, would be for God to do worse than to lie.  Deception is just not in God’s plan. Deception belongs to dispersationalism and those who teach it.


Lets add some of the teaching together this might help the reader to better understand what is being taught.  Jesus was not anointed see Luke 4:18-21, Acts 4:27.  Christ failed to accomplish what He was sent to do!  God in disgust will blow up the whole world because Christ failed to sit up the spiritual kingdom.  Mr. Scofield claims there are four gospels.  J. F. Dake denies the sovereignty of God.  Physically rebuild Jerusalem and the temple. Restore the Roman Empire, Re-establish the sacrifice system and in this temple Christ will be a co-priest in the restored temple.  We could go on and on but from this perhaps you can gather the teachings from other religious entities and see the close resemblance.  One cannot help but to notice the similarity in teaching with that of Joseph Smith, Morman religion.  William Miller and Ellen White, Seventh day Adventist.  Charles Russel and Judge Rutherford, Johavah’s Wittnesses, John Darby, Mr. Scofield. 


Friend our whole concept stands on the sovereignty of God and on His work in Christ 2000 years ago.  If the present Assembly was only an accident then it stands to reason that our salvation was by accident also.


The refection of Christ by the Jewish nation was clearly foretold by Isaiah the prophet, Isaiah 53:12.  The words of Moses the prophet was fulfilled in, Deut. 28:48-66.  God was not surprised neither was it seen as an after thought on the part of God.  It was God’s plan from the period of beginning, Gen 1:1 that a spiritual kingdom would result from His plans.  Through the ages different phases of the plan comes together.  God gives no indication in the mystery that all things come together and be complete during the period of Adam.  Rather it was prophesied in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New Testament years later.  However some times it is impossible for people who are educated above their intelligence to understand God’s plan. 


For sure there is one thing that God said that He would one day judge those who have said that Christ failed, God is a dumb, cluck and the Holy Spirit a myth! Matt. 12:32, “And whoever shall speak a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever shall speak against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age or the age to come.”  “Blasphemy” is what Jesus refers too.


Now as we look back to Acts chapter two and see the Holy Spirit at work we see that He spoke through the apostles and did in this chapter bind upon the Assembly Baptism for the forgiveness of sins.  So this makes baptism essential to salvation for baptism is the only method to remove sins.  Secondly the Holy Spirit established the Assembly, which spiritually constitutes the kingdom.  To deny this is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. The penalty is death without forgiveness. 


True Christians reply to the Bible should be, “The Lord said it I believe it”.  We should believe that Jesus is the Christ, sent from God to earth as a remedy for sin.  He is our High Priest; He is the all, in all.  We must remember that dispensationalism removes Christ from His role as administrator of heaven and earth, with all power being given to Him.  If you in your church have those who have divergent views then those views needs to be confronted as such and rooted out of the church. 



The stronger this theory gets the more people who fall’s for such evil teaching.  The stronger the Morman church becomes, Seventh Day Adventist becomes, the stronger the Jehovah Witness become the New Age movement becomes.  Christian’s need’s to “Stand up for Christ”.


Jessie Mills Ph. D.


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